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1.Battle (2018)
Post Production • September 28, 2018 • Drama / Romance
Amalie is the girl who has everything, good looks, money, a boyfriend and a big talent of dancing. One day, her world falls apart and she moves from everything she knows. Then enter Mikael. He is...
2.Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018)
Released • September 7, 2018 • Comedy / Drama / Romance
A case of mistaken identity results in unexpected romance when the most popular girl in high school and the biggest loser must come together to win over their crushes.
3.Imaikkaa Nodigal (2018)
Released • August 30, 2018 • Action / Romance / Thriller
A CBI officer goes in search of a ruthless serial killer. Things get worse when the murderer targets the former and her family
4.Blue Iguana (2018)
Post Production • August 23, 2018 • Comedy / Romance / Thriller
He's a low level criminal with no future and just out of prison. She's a low level lawyer never noticed by others, a lost soul without a life. Their anger and hostility makes them serious...
5.A Dash of Love (2018)
Released • August 20, 2018 • Romance
A young woman who dreams of opening her own restaurant lands a job at a prominent restaurant whose head chef becomes her unlikely ally when the restaurant's unscrupulous owner, a Master Chef...
6.Marainthirunthu Paarkum Marmam Enna (2018)
Released • August 17, 2018 • Crime / Family / Romance
A daring young man joins a gang that is behind chain-snatching crimes in the city. What's his game plan?
7.Running for Grace (2018)
Released • August 17, 2018 • Family / Romance
An orphan boy of mixed race finds family with the newly arrived white village doctor in Hawaii. The boy can run like the wind, and begins bringing Doc's medicine to coffee pickers throughout the...
8.Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (2018)
Released • August 9, 2018 • Comedy / Drama / Romance
Two lovers, who are different in almost all ways, get into a live-in relationship. They go through tough times as their approach towards life do not match with each other's.
9.Flavors of Youth (2018)
Released • August 4, 2018 • Animation / Drama / Romance
Three different stories of youth set in different cities of China. 1 Shanghai Love. 2 Sunny Breakfast. 3 Small Fashion Show. Directed by Zhenxing Yi, the plot revolves around a young man...
10.Ghajinikanth (2018)
Released • August 3, 2018 • Comedy / Family / Romance
A forgetful young man falls in love with a girl whose father hates his condition.
11.Chi La Sow (2018)
Released • August 3, 2018 • Comedy / Romance
While Arjun doesn't want to get married, his parents set up a blind date for him at his place. The story revolves around Arjun, how he falls for the girl he's about to meet, why and how he changed...
12.The Little Mermaid (2018)
Released • August 2, 2018 • Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Romance
A young reporter and his niece discover a beautiful and enchanting creature they believe to be the real little mermaid.
13.Destination Wedding (2018)
Released • August 2, 2018 • Comedy / Drama / Romance
Frank and Lindsay two emotionally broken people, must attend a destination wedding. They meet and, over the course of the weekend and against all odds, find themselves drawn to one another even as...
14.House of the Rising Sons (2018)
Planned • July 19, 2018 • Drama / History / Music / Romance
The musical biography of the 1970s Hong Kong rock band The Wynners. Starting with their humble beginnings as band causing noise in the neighborhood, through to their career of massive stars...
15.Zoe (2018)
Released • July 19, 2018 • Romance / Science Fiction / Thriller
Two colleagues at a revolutionary research lab design technology to improve and perfect romantic relationships. As their work progresses, their discoveries become more profound.
16.Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018)
Released • July 18, 2018 • Comedy / Music / Romance
Five years after meeting her three fathers, Sophie Sheridan prepares to open her mother’s hotel. In 1979, young Donna Sheridan meets the men who each could be Sophie’s biological father.
17.Rosy (2018)
Released • July 17, 2018 • Comedy / Romance / Thriller
A socially awkward young man kidnaps an aspiring actress with the hope that they will fall in love. A psychosexual noir that explores power dynamics between men and women.
18.Koode (2018)
Released • July 14, 2018 • Drama / Romance
Joshua, who has been working in Dubai since the age of 15, gets a call from his family to return home. How he, with the magical support of his sister Jenny, figures to live life in between the joy,...
19.Hidden Man (2018)
Post Production • July 13, 2018 • Action / Adventure / Romance
A martial arts-infused spy thriller set in 1937 Beijing. A time when China was lurching between revolution, prosperity, and chaos.
20.Kadaikutty Singam (2018)
Released • July 13, 2018 • Action / Comedy / Family / Romance
Gunasingam, a family-loving farmer who hails from a small town, tries his best to keep his big family united despite him being misunderstood by many.
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